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Sunshine Coast Beds Galore is a locally owned and managed business. As we are a family run business you will receive a more personal and interesting buying experience. Sunshine Coast Beds Galore mattresses and bases are all factory direct many styles being manufactured in Brisbane. Having an all Australian made product to sell and promote is an advantage to us over other retailers. As we are a home based business we can successfully cut out the middle man effectively passing on the savings to you with a fabulous range and a price point for every budget.

Queen Size Mattresses

A Queen size mattress is the most commonly purchased size in Australia. At Beds Galore Sunshine Coast we carry a full range of quality Queen mattresses. Wether its an innerspring or pocket spring you are looking for, we will have the price or model to suit your needs.

A Queen size mattress measures 153cm wide x 203cm long approx. A selection of our Queen mattresses in stock are fully Australian Made.

Queen Mattresses

King Size Mattress

A King Size Mattress measures 183cm wide x 203cm long approx. The King size mattress is the largest standard size that is made. King size is ideal for that customer looking for extra length, due to their personal height.

But at the same time has the added width for complete space while sleeping. King size mattresses are available in a variety of styles at Beds Galore Sunshine coast.

King Size Mattress

Double Size Mattress

Beds Galore Sunshine Coast cater for that in between size, the Double. Measuring 138cm x 188cm approx.

A standard double mattress is ideal for a smaller room, or a growing family member. At Beds Galore Sunshine Coast we have a range of Double Mattresses to choose from. Some of our models are made right here in Brisbane, and meet Australian Manufacturing Standards.

Double Mattress

Single Size Mattress

A standard Single size mattress measures 92cm x 188cm approx. Pocket spring or inner spring. Beds Galore Sunshine Coast, carry single size mattresses in stock.

Always the standard size for children, the single is ideal for that extra bed needed for guests. Matching bases are always available to complete the ensemble

Single Size Mattress

Bed Base

Our Bed Bases are locally made to Sunshine Coast Beds Galore specifications, manufactured for us in an Australian based company.

The latest linen look fabrics are used to cover our bases.

These come in a range of fashionable Colours to suit any dÈcor.

Rolled edges and stylish glide legs, means no need for wraps or a valance. The perfect addition for a Beds Galore mattress.

We now can offer matching Bed Heads , made to your design choice. Also the option of Drawers, added to the base.

Bed Base

King Zip Split Mattress

Australian made, resort quality, King Split Mattresses.

Complete comfort and support, our Resort Luxury, and Super Comfort models feature the Bonnell Innerspring, the classic spring system, strong and reliable, a proven choice for those in the hotel and resort field. We have taken these top two mattresses in King Size and added a strong and durable zip. Brilliant idea for giving guests a choice. It adds a new dimension to the number of people that can share a room. Once unzipped you have two long singles, perfect for children or friend groups. Or zipped together for couples. Many holiday accommodations find the King Split Zip the perfect answer. Locally made in Brisbane, especially for Beds Galore Sunshine Coast. We carry stock for immediate delivery and can team your King Split Zip mattress with a base available in a range of colours.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore

Gel Infusion Mattress

What a feel of luxury. The Gel Infused topper on this particular model is something special. Just the mattress you are looking for.

Beds Galore Sunshine Coast continues to show a wide range of support and comfort in the models of mattresses we carry. Our Gel Infused mattress is top of the range. Foam box encased, which gives a firm edge to the mattress. It features high density, five zone pocket springs. This gives you complete body support, moulding to you natural form and less partner disturbance. Layers of soft foam are added. To top it off a centimeter of high quality memory gel foam, makes up the top layer. Cover this in quilted knit fabric and you have a bed that dreams are made of.

The Gel Infused mattress is on display for your consideration at Beds Galore Sunshine Coast. King or Queen Size is available.

Gel Infusion Mattress

Hotels Motels and Resorts

At Beds Galore Sunshine Coast we supply some of the biggest, and the smallest accomodation on the Sunshine Coast.

We offer in room instulation, and a fast and efficiant delivey. As a family run buissiness you will receive a more personalised service.

We believe our pricing is value, and we back that with our Australian Made Mattresses.

All made to the Australian Standards. Call Deb 0418 878 509 or 075 4455 178.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore

Bed Heads

The latest in bedroom dÈcor.

Beautiful fully upholstered Bed Heads. Available in a range of styles. Covered in a linen look fabric,the latest fashion colours. Match to one of our Bed Bases for that Complete designer look.

Our Bed Heads can be made in any size, come view the range and place an order. These Bed Heads are Australian Made, and are of beautiful quality.

Bed Heads

Pocket Spring Mattress

At Beds Galore Sunshine Coast we carry an extensive range of mattresses made with the pocket spring technology. What are Pocket Springs?

They are individual springs that are strong and durable and are individually wrapped. This spring system conforms to the unique shape of your body. Why would I buy a pocket spring mattress? For a less disturbed and peaceful nightís sleep, especially if you have a partner who tosses and turns. A Pocket Spring cushions your body at every turn. It provides the right support to give you a wonderful nightís sleep, while holding your natural spine alignment. Beds Galore Sunshine coast have the model of Pocket Spring mattress that is right for you.

Pocket Spring Mattress

King Split Mattress

Ideal for Hotels and Resorts as an added dimension for rooms. Australian Made, we take our most Popular models of double sided innerspring, and add a high quality zip.

Gives you the option of a King mattress, or split for two single beds. Great Idea !

King Zip Mattress

Bonnell Inner Spring Mattress

Bonnell innerspring is known to us all as the original, classic spring system we all grew up sleeping on. At Beds Galore Sunshine Coast, we have a range of Bonnell Innerspring mattresses. Totally Australian made.

Our Bonnell Innerspring mattresses are not only for household use, but are designed for, hotel and resort accommodation. These mattresses are sort after, and are supplied to some of the top resorts in Queensland. The Bonnell Innerspring system is the classic spring unit which has been used for years, and has defiantly proven its worth. Strong and reliable, the Bonnell Innerspring gives an even, firmer base for the foams and cushioning that complete the mattress. Beds Galore Sunshine Coast have the Bonnell innerspring mattress you are looking for, available in all sizes.

Bonnell Inner Spring Mattress

Do not be limited by colour or size as we build custom bedheads to suit your particular need, from plain to the most ornate button and pleated designs.

We at Beds Galore supply many Resorts and luxury accommodation where the bedhead not only adds style and colour but also practicality. We understand that whilst on holidays Many guests enjoy sitting in bed reading or watching TV they donít want to rest their head against a hard wall.

For this reason we create a strip headboard that can be up to 2500mm long and 60-80 cm deep this is a great idea for space saving in small areas. The strip headboard comes with very sturdy brackets that are fixed to the wall above the mattress so that it does not take up additional space by pushing the base away from the wall.

Colours may chosen to match the base Or we can work with your designer to select fabric that may suit a particular style.

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