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Our high-quality bed bases are completely Australian-made and manufactured locally, in Brisbane. Sunshine Coast Beds Galore sells solid, superior quality ensemble bed bases: king bed bases, queen bed bases, double bed bases – we do it all!

Our bed bases are upholstered in durable ‘Profile’ linen fabrics, creating a smooth, clean look while ensuring longevity. Our bed bases are available in a variety of the latest fashionable colours and have rolled edges, meaning no need for a valance. You can also enjoy being able to easily move your bed around when necessary thanks to our fitted glide legs.

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Base with drawers

Want something beyond the average bed base? No problem!

Through Beds Galore Sunshine Coast, you can have a bed base completely custom made – and fitted with drawers! Bed base drawers are a popular option as they provide the added convenience of hidden storage space.

The number and style of  drawers can be tailored to suit your needs and required style.

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A bed base can influence how firm your mattress feels beneath you, but any back pain experienced during sleep is more likely to be caused by your mattress. If you are experiencing areas of particular wear on your mattress, it may be time to get a new one!

If you suffer from back pain or other back-related issues, choosing the right bed becomes more important to ensure you cater to proper spinal support while asleep and avoid worsening any pain you experience.

General back pain sufferers may benefit from a soft mattress – especially if you sleep on your back. For proper spine alignment and support, a firm mattress is likely the better option.

There are a number of reasons why your bed is making a squeaking noise:

  • Ageing mattress springs that are rubbing up against each other
  • Loose screws, bolts or connection points within your bed frame
  • Wooden bed frames may squeak if connection points have become loose and cause two sections of wood to rub on each other.

Headboards were originally designed to provide an additional layer of insulation between sleepers and walls. Today, they serve a more decorative function.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore offer Mandala bedheads, which take bedroom aesthetics to a whole new level. View our range here!

With so many bed types, makes and materials to choose from, selecting the right bed type for you can be a difficult task.

Your sleeping style is the easiest way to determine what bed you should choose:

  • Plush mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their back
  • Medium firmness mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their side
  • Firm mattresses are a good choice for those that sleep on their stomach

Memory foam has become extremely popular for its unique support and comfort capabilities. However, choosing your mattress type should be done with consideration for your sleeping style:

  • Plush mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their back
  • Medium firmness mattresses are suitable for those that sleep on their side
  • Firm mattresses are a good choice for those that sleep on their stomach

Over time, your bed and mattress – regardless of type or material – will naturally accumulate dust, which in turn attracts dust mites. The best way to combat this is to ensure your bed and mattress are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore. About Us.

Sunshine Coast Beds Galore is a locally owned and operated business.  Deb & John have been providing a bespoke service right here on the Sunshine Coast for over 9 years.

If a bustling showroom isn’t for you, we invite you to try out our beds by booking an exclusive one-on-one appointment to test our beds in the privacy of our peaceful, fully stocked showroom.

We are a local home-based business, with a calm private showroom waiting for you to explore.  As a direct-to-consumer business we can successfully exclude the ‘middle-man’ enabling us to pass those savings on to you.  Book your private appointment and let’s find the perfect bed for your back.

SCBG are a factory-direct, and our vast range of mattresses and bases made exclusively for Beds Galore are manufactured in Brisbane.  Whether its beds for household, resorts or air B&B, we supply quality, value, delivery and good old fashioned service.